Policy Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence

Policy Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Mahwash Fatima and Srijan Rai

Published: March 2024

Against the backdrop of AI’s swift integration across various sectors, The Quantum Hub (TQH) convened a roundtable in New Delhi on 21st February 2024, titled ‘Towards safe and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.’

Deliberating on AI governance and regulation in India, the participants explored challenges and considerations shaping policy frameworks with an emphasis on enabling innovation. Topics included operationalizing international principles of fairness and responsible use in the Indian context, the benefits and risks of legal regulation versus self-regulation, unintended consequences of AI regulation on security and civil liberties, prioritizing implementation efforts, and adapting existing standards. The role of sectoral regulators in ensuring AI compliance was also discussed. With regard to global regulations, the discussion stressed on the importance of learning from diverse jurisdictions and adopting a multi-stakeholder approach.

The conversation on responsible AI underscored the need for AI companies to prioritize local sensitivity and awareness alongside efforts towards red-teaming AI systems for risk identification. Initiatives such as self-regulation frameworks and transparency tools were proposed to foster accountability and transparency. Furthermore, investment priorities in AI within India were discussed, and it was suggested that focus should be placed on enhancing functionality through Learning, Labeling, and Monitoring systems. Discussion on AI development also addressed algorithmic bias and the need to promote diversity in AI development.

The discussion also explored the intersection of AI with copyright and data regulations, highlighting the need for nuanced approaches. Concerns around copyright maximalism and data protection were raised, urging for a balanced approach that fosters innovation while safeguarding individual rights.
Furthermore, the discourse also delved into challenges posed by misinformation, deepfakes, and their implications for electoral integrity. Strategies to raise awareness, particularly in relation to women’s online safety and novel approaches to combat misinformation were discussed, emphasizing transparency and accountability in content creation.

The points that emerged from the roundtable discussion acknowledged the numerous opportunities and vast positive potential of AI while underscoring the imperative of responsible AI development, transparency, and collaboration to effectively address its inherent challenges and associated risks.

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