About TQH – The Genesis

TQH is a Delhi based organisation that was founded in 2017 with the express intent of working on complex public policy problems in the dynamically evolving Indian ecosystem. Set up as a consulting firm, TQH was conceptualised to bridge the gap that exists in the policy space. The public policy research and advocacy landscape in India has traditionally been dominated by think-tanks, law firms and PR agencies. However, with policymakers increasingly dealing with a rapidly changing economy, there is a strong need for dynamic and multi-disciplinary expertise to inform public policy deliberations in India. TQH was designed to fill this gap and create a platform for trained public policy professionals with solid research-analytical skills and experience of working with governments to offer evidence based policy and advocacy solutions.

Today, we work with a host of clients – both private and public – on challenging policy problems across a range of sectors. We also undertake in-house research to push the thinking on important policy issues being deliberated by the government.